The Taylor Review

Posted On 13 Jul 2017

The Taylor Review

The Taylor review published Tuesday 11th July is a review into modern working practices in the agency sector of the UK employment market.
The benefits of flexible staffing are recognised as the report says that “agency work has an important part to play in a vibrant market and many choose to work in this way”, and goes on to make recommendations around issues such as workplace progression, effective enforcement and clarity over employment status and worker rights.
Here’s a summary of the key takeaways of interest:
The report argues that the best way to achieve better work is not through national regulation but via responsible corporate governance, ensuring that all workers – irrespective of what type of contract they are on – are well managed and treated with respect.
The report recommends that a separate ‘worker’ status is maintained (although the suggestion is that this could be referred to as ‘dependent contractor’ status) as a way to differentiate between gig workers and legitimately self-employed people.
The report recommends that the Swedish Derogation should be repealed, and that the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EASI) should police AWR compliance, the AWR confers individual employment rights
The report argues that everyone should have attainable ways to strengthen their future work prospects. The recruitment industry is well-place to provide progression opportunities
There’s some more positive news on improving transparency at work. The report repeats the TUC’s longstanding call for a written statement telling workers how much they will be paid and how many hours they may work – from the first day of their job.
We’re pleased to see calls for better sick pay entitlement. It is estimated that nearly half a million people miss out on sick pay because they’re too low paid to qualify. It’s great to see the review recommend that everyone should be entitled from day one of their job, no matter how much they earn.
Overall this isn’t the game changer those in insecure work were looking for. It still allows shifts to be cancelled at the drop of a hat and of threats of being fired if you take a day sick, or of seeing your hours cut if you can’t immediately work when the employer calls you in.

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